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Manages personal care (has mental disorder)

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PRELIMINARY VARIABLE: Variable description not yet updated.

[Placeholder variable description: Manages personal care (has mental disorder)].


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  • 1989: Persons who had schizophrenia, paranoid or delusional disorder, manic episodes or manic depression, major depression, severe personality disorder, Alzheimer's or other senile disorder, alcohol abuse disorder, drug abuse disorder, mental retardation, or other serious mental or emotional disorder in the past 12 months, if they were age 70+, or if they were age 5 to 17 or were age 18 to 24 and did not work or have a job from which they were temporarily absent during the previous 2 weeks and were prevented from attending school or had trouble with school because of these disorders, or if they were 18 to 69 and were unable to work, were limited in the amount or kind of work, or had difficulty finding or keeping a job or doing job tasks because of these disorders.


  • 1989