User Notes

Sample Sizes: Number of HH and Personal Records in IHIS, by year.

Sample Design: Overview of the NHIS sample design.

Sampling Weights: Overview of sampling weights in the IHIS.

Variance Estimation: General guidance on analysis and variance estimation
with IHIS data.

Healthy People 2020: Selected Variables to Monitor the Healthy People 2020 Objectives

Summary and Key Insurance Variables: Guidance on Using IHIS Insurance Variables

Private Insurance Definitions: Changes in the NHIS Definition of Private Insurance

Insurance Data Collection: Changes in the NHIS Collection of Data on Insurance

Condition Records and Condition Variables: Overview of individual-level variables constructed from pre-1997 condition records

Injury and Poisoning Supplement Variables: Overview of the Injury and Poisoning Supplement

Adult Functioning and Disability & Quality of Life Supplements: Overview of variables included in the AFD and QOL supplements

Variables to Monitor the Affordable Care Act: Variables designed to monitor the implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Occupation and Industry Variables: Harmonized occupation and industry classifications for 1969 to the present

Link NHIS Public Use Files to IHIS Data: Link additional variables from the original NHIS public use files (that are not yet in the IHIS system) to an IHIS data extract.

General Instructions for Opening an IHIS Extract on Your PC

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